Kang has over 10 years of experience producing for various artists in the UK and he has honed his craft and has developed a keen ear for what’s hot and what’s not.

Constantly pushing artists he works with to explore new styles and sounds, Kang focuses on helping artists break new ground with their songwriting and overall sound regardless of who the artist is.

To date, Kang has worked with a number of artists who have gone on to gain success in differing ways and his favourite artists and collaborators have been Kilian (kilianonline.com), Booch, Tha Franchize Fam and Nikki Marie (shotbyshe.com)

His most highly regarded work have been remixes produced for Timbaland’s single Morning After Dark featuring So Shy and Danity Kane’s single Bad Girl

With an ever growing portfolio of projects in the works, Kang is keen to work with artists and musicians of all flavours!